Tuesday, May 30, 2023
Dropbox says it's becoming a "virtual first" company
The company's nearly 3,000 employees will continue to work remotely most of the time, but will occasionally go into the office for more collaborative and team-building work. To help facilitate this, the company will revamp its offices, turning them into what it calls "Dropbox Studios."
The company will remove individual desks and create more space for collaboration.
"Folks doing individual daily work, that happens from home or from co-working spaces," said Melanie Collins, vice president of people. "[Dropbox Studios] are really explicitly for things like strategy setting, team building, community events, leadership development training,"
The company decided against a hybrid approach that would allow workers to choose if and when they want to be in the office because it feared it could potentially create an unequal playing field among workers, Collins explained.

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