Tuesday, May 30, 2023

KAMPALA - The Mayor of Kampala Erias Lukwago has been advised to conduct thorough research before making false accusations, it is also clear that his intention is to hinder the work of the government.

The statement was made by the state Minister of Kampala Kabuye Kyoofatogabye who told journalists at the media center in Kampala that the lord mayor's statement yesterday was false and that he did not do enough research and advised him to back down and stop fighting and play his role to develop Kampala.

 The $288 million will be used for road construction and maintenance, tree planting, and vocational training.

However, yesterday the lord mayor of Kampala Elias Lukwago said that the roadworks in Kampala are a waste of money and the people of Kampala will not get what they expect from the Kampala minister said Elias Lukwago should first make research because everything he said is intended to disrupt the work of the government.

Minister Kyofatogabye assured the people of Kampala that the roads will be done with transparency and the aim is to transform the city so that the residents and businessmen could enjoy living in it.

In regards to the temporary market for city hawkers, Minister Kyofatogabye said that KCCA did not buy the land but the city tycoon Bosco Muwonge leased the land to the government. The traders started utilizing the space during the festive season and it will be available at least for a period of two months.

The Minister clarified the issue between Lord Mayor of Kampala Salongo Elias Lukwago and  General Saleh. Kyofatogabye called Lukwago a traitor who betrayed Gen. Saleh, adding that after Gen. Saleh offered a helping hand when the lord mayor needed it most, only to be repaid with derogatory remarks in return for his kindness.
He further urged the media to ignore the city Lord mayor because he is using them to fight wars that are only taking the people of Kampala backward.

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