Tuesday, May 30, 2023

In his new year remarks to the people of Mawokota who gathered in large numbers at Jalia City Square in Buyaaya in Buwama Town Council, Mawokota South MP Yusufu Nsibambi decried the kidnappings and disappearances of Ugandans, especially those in the opposition and prayed that the LORD would set them free.

Hon. Nsibambi also highlighted some of the things the Lord has enabled him to do for the people of Mawokota last year and announced that this year he will focus on promoting agriculture and talent in Mawokota.

                                                          Mawokota South MP Yusufu Nsibambi

the Mawokota residents thanked MP Nsibambi for standing with them in the past year, which has helped them move up the economic ladder.

Many Mawokota residents gathered to have fun at Jalia City as they welcomed the new year, and there was also the launch of the Equator Birds band which the MP oversaw, to support the talents in Mawokota by unveiling new music and gigantic stage as the gift of the new year for the people of Mawokota.

Security forces were on the alert to ensure safety and that no harm is done to the crowd.


                         the people of Mawokota who gathered in large numbers at Jalia City Square in Buyaaya in Buwama Town Council


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