Friday, July 03, 2020
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Dejected & Desperate LDU Aspirants Join City Street Kids

Many that came from upcountry to join LDU ended up joining city street kids. This came about when they LDU applicants have robbed all the money they had by those that conveyed them from upcountry to Kampala

The situation worsened when the rejected & disappointed candidates forced their way into registration which was impossible, amidst commotion and commotion, some were trodden to the extent of fainting, I return the soldiers applied force to disperse the dejected applicants.

Col Felix Abukya the overseer of LDU registration, suspected corruption and decided to stick around during the entire process.

Maj. Bilal Katamba, the division one spokesperson blamed it on the local leaders that perceive LDU registration as a channel of enriching themselves.

Similar to the Rubaga-Wankuluku stadium incident, thousands of aspirants stormed the old Kampala field though only 96 were picked out of over 1000 that presented themselves at the field.


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