Thursday, July 09, 2020
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Rock Debris & Gravel Crashes Man To Death In A Stone Quarry After The Wedding

Ssebina Sunday 29, a resident of Kiti- Nangabo sub-county in Wakiso district wedded recently has been crashed to death by rock debris in stone quarry.

Ssebina who was one of the most experienced stone miners in this quarry did not survive the accident when the rock debris & gravel covered and crashed him to death.

According to the co-workers, the deceased was forewarned by colleagues but to no avail, probably it was a matter of fate, the coworkers related.

Kalanzi Abdul the head of security in this quarry confirmed the fact that their colleague was covered and crushed by rock debris, though he noted that he was among those that warned the deceased to avoid sloping that particular pit since the rocks above were loosely attaché to the soil.

Sternly, the residents hindered the police from taking the corpse to the mortuary for postmortem as they argued that they do not have funds to recoup it from the mortuary.

A close friend to Ssebina stated that before the incident, he was able to have the last conversation with him, during which he tried to convince him not to descend into the pit to quarry stones but all in vain. The resident’s portrayed photos of Ssebina’s recent wedding, the memories caused many to bewail grievously.

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