Thursday, December 02, 2021
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Masaka Overwhelmed By Prisoners, Prison Head

Doe Ogwapi the head of Masaka main prison has expressed concern over the hiking numbers of Inmates especially those on remand.

All this took place during the meeting of greater Masaka residents and the national association of national judges at the Masaka high court.

On the same occasion, the women expressed their distress over oppression the sprouts from rampant domestic violence.

Rita Namatovu and old woman elaborated the harassments she has been going through and appealed to the judges to intervene and help her regain a home and property she toiled for. After hearing all that, Eva Luswata the Masaka high court judge was distressed and urged the residents to help her, though they stated that it is complicated her co-wife scares them away with dogs whenever they approach the home.

Other issues discussed in the meeting include; the issue daughter inheriting family property, land disputes cases that have been running for over 10 years and the issue of courts that have turned into a den of thieves since it takes money to get justice.

In the same way, many complained about the letter of administration that gives permission to manage the properties of the deceased, which have caused a lot of woes among families.

Winfred Nabisinde a high court judge ion Masaka argued that most of the cases in this area are domestic violence related; therefore she recommended that they must come up with a conclusive resolution.

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