Thursday, December 01, 2022
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Police starts  operation to impound Drones

Police have started an operation to impound Toyota Hiace minivans, locally known as drones, operating as passenger. service vehicles (PSV) without licences.

By the time of filing this story yesterday, police could not confirm if any of the vehicles had been impounded and the owners arrested.

This follows a directive on Monday by the Directorate of Traffic and Road Safety to impound all drones operating as PSV taxis without licences.

“All those operating drones as PSV taxis, especially on Entebbe and Jinja roads, your vans don’t have the licence to do this. You are not licenced to carry passengers at a fee,” Ms Farida Nampiima, the spokesperson of the Directorate of Traffic and Road Safety,

She added:  “We are giving you two days. On Wednesday, November 16, we are starting an operation on these vehicles on the road and whoever will be arrested in this operation will be taken to court. No Express Penalty Scheme (EPS) ticket will be issued to anyone operating as a PSV yet you’re not licensed to do so.”

The targeted drones have similar features to taxis but bear tinted window panes which make it difficult to see what is happening inside the vehicle.

The ban follows incidents where they have continuously been used in abductions across the country.

Ms Nampiima urged all those who wish to use the drones as PSV taxis to go to the Ministry of Works and Transport, and get licences for the vehicles.

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