Thursday, December 01, 2022
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Mbale urgently in need of a hospital

The local leaders and residents of Busiu town council  in Mbale district have a reason to smile after collecting over Shs100 millions in fundraising drive to buy land for a main hospital for Mbale district.

All the area MPs and local leaders in Bugisu region were among the people who contributed the cause,  the prime minister who was to be the chief guest  was represented by the state minister for  transport hon Fred Byamukama who gave out the prime Minister's contribution of 10millions through buying a one cow brought by the locals.

Hon.  Byamukama added on that , Mr Museveni and prime have taught Ugandans to learn how to manage issues around them through working together as a team.

Meanwhile Mamono John and other locals welcomed the idea of buying the land and upgrade the Busiu health four to a district hospital.
They said that Mbale referral hospital is to congested and can't hold on the big numbers for Bugisu region and so if Busiu is upgraded to full hospital than some good services in health will be seen.

Hon.  Miriam Muhahe the woman mp of Mbale district noted that Busiu health center IV doesn't have enough wards and yet it serves over five districts . Therefore there's need to expand and upgrade the Busiu health center IV to a district hospital in order to manage the big numbers.

The deputy district health officer of Mbale district sister Stella Kisolo, said that buying this land and expanding the health center of Busiu is very important ,because right  there's over crowding which translates to easy spread of airborne diseases among the sick , therefore if the wards are expanded than there will more good services offered.

Hon Byamukama applauded the leaders of Bugisu for not just waiting for government , and that as government they are willing to help to upgrade the Busiu health center 4 to a district hospital for better services for the locals.

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