Thursday, December 01, 2022
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 parliament express concern over high mortality rate of delivering mothers

chairperson of Uganda women parliamentary association Sarah Opendi express concern over high mortality rate of delivering mothers

Deputy speaker of parliament has directed the minister of health to submit before parliament a comprehensive report regarding the rate at which infant mortality rate stands following a petition which has been filled by the chairperson of Uganda women parliamentary association Sarah Opendi expressing concern on the high rate of mothers who die while delivering.

In the petition Opendi highlighted how the health sector continue to be affected by health facilities which are not facilitated  across the country leaving the burden to the Mps who continue to foot the expenses in providing health facilities.

After receiving the instructions the minster of health acknowledged how this has remained to be major challenge citing financial constraint as major challenge affecting the sector.

Rukingiri municipality Dr.Elisa Rutayigwa has supported the petition citing the current statistics which has indicated 336 deaths per 1000 mother who die while derivering.He was impressed that the motion has been sent to the  health committee of health where the committe will get enough time to scrutinize it

The motion has also been supported by Namayingo woman Mp Margret Makoha who has cited the poor health facilities which has prompted the mothers to go for traditional birth attendants.

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