Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Bebe Cool's Boda boda Workshop Turns Violent In Kawempe

Boda-boda workshop organized by Bebe cool turns into a fight, as cyclists tore each other apart before him. The situation soured as ruckus and exchanging fists filled the place leaving many injured and some arrested by the police.

Initially, there was calmness due to the low turn up of the boda-boda cyclist in Kawempe as most of the seats were empty, this didn’t stop the boda-boda cyclist from turning violent and tearing each other apart.

The conflict resulted from the Lubaga boda-boda cyclists taking the workshop to Kawempe without permission from the area bodaboda leadership.

Bebe cool’s workshop was to sensitize and emphasize to the cyclists the president’s youth campaign.

The ruined cyclists blamed it on the group led by Frank Mawejje from Kawempe that spearheaded violence.

This being, not the first time that Bebe cool organized a youth workshop without success, this time to rocks filled the air as cyclists hit each other mercilessly.


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