Monday, October 03, 2022
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Fort Portal residents who have for a long time have been having many cases of kidnapping children, murder, theft of car number plate and robbery, have today conducted a joint operation to find and arrest one Identified as Mugume Amosi who has been always accused of kidnapping children in the area and extorting money from them.

In several cases Mugume Amosi has been reported to police but arresting him has continued being a challenge as they failed to find his locations.

Mugume who was once arrested in Katojjo prisons in Fort Portal for murdering his wife, escaped from the prison and since then he has been seen on several occasions grabbing bags from women as the go home from work, he also recently he entered Kyebambe girls’ secondary school in Fort Portal and kidnapped one student who he stabbed in the neck and later took off.

He has on several occasions’ extorted money from people after kidnapping their children.

 Today this morning Mugume Amos (deceased) was seen in a resident’s sealing in Maguru A’ village in Fort Portal Central division who alerted neighbors and LC 1 chairman of Maguru A who later called police and started hunting for him after he escaped from the house where he was hiding.

Before escaping he scuffled with residents who he cut one of them identified as Kyomuhendo Patrick of Maguru the hand, fingers and stabbed him in the chest.

After cutting one of the residents the hunting of the killer was conducted by residents, police and other security organs went on until he was found in the swamp of Karamaga in Bukwali ward in Fort Portal Central division.

On reaching Mugume Amos (deceased) the police officer ordered him to sit down where he pulled out a pang to cut him and he was shot dead.

 According to Muhumuza Richard the Fort Portal Central division mayor said that Mugume Amos (deceased) was a threat to the community who they arrested before and escaped from the prison.

Muhumuza added that the deceased was grabbing people’s bags, kidnaping children and parents will now have peace and their children will be secure

Tumuhairwe Patrick the survivor who is now admitted at Fort Portal regional referral hospital nursing wounds told our reporter that “my neighbor called me after seeing a person in the ceiling of his house and when we went there with area chairperson lc1 of Maguru cell in central division fort portal city the chairman trying to arrest him, he cut my hand four times using a pang and stubbed me in the chest and cutting two of my fingers” said Kyomuhendo.

He added that after cutting me he took off but residents still followed him up

 The DPC Fort Portal and Kabarole SP John Faustino Oese confirmed the death of Mugume Amos and said that the community will now be relieved because this has been terrorizing the community kidnapping children and extorting money from people.

They  have recorded 5 cases of kidnaps by Mugume Amos (deceased) and we have always managed to recover children but the getting the perpetrator has always been a challenge as he was collaborating with other people in the community but when we intensified community policing, the community became vigor and it has helped us to get him.

Oese also commended the community for being cooperative and shared information with police which has enabled successful operation.

 The body of Mugume Amos is still lying at Fort Portal regional referral mortuary as investigations are still going on.


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