Monday, October 03, 2022
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Pr. Bujjingo not reopening church

Pastor Bujjingo of the house prayer ministries international is delighted that the president opened up the churches and places of worship without many restrictions.

Although the pastor is not happy with the number of only 70 people that is allowed to attend church at a time.

Pr. Bujjingo says that HPMI (house prayer ministries international)/Canaan land will remain closed unless the condition of allowing only 70 people in the church at time is overturned. He is therefore patiently waiting for the president to return and make some changes in this regard.

On this background, the pastor has therefore called upon all believers not to go to HPMI/Canaan land because there are no plans of congregating at the church as per now.

Meanwhile, the vision night and independence night prayer services will still be held via the salt media platforms.

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