Friday, July 03, 2020
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President Museveni Clarifies Lockdown Directives

President Yoweri Museveni clarified on his earlier guidelines regarding how to lift COVID-19 control measures.

The president declared that Private cars would be allowed to move starting 26th May 2020, this will work with exemption of the border districts in order to prevent entry and quick spread of the covid-19 from the neighboring countries.

In regards to the education institutions, the candidate classes and the finalists in tertiary institution swill resume come 4th –June 2020, however -President Museveni stated that the ministry of healthy would arrange for the transportation of the student moving from the border district to other parts of the country.

The president permitted those who can afford to acquire masks on their own to go ahead and secure them, “we do not mind provided they are the right quality, the Ministry of Health will tell you the right type” - President Kaguta Museveni

Shops, hotels will not be allowed to operate until 26th may according to the president In the same way, private cars will also be allowed to hit the road starting 26th May.

The public transportation will be opened come 4th of June Public transport, however this will be opened in districts other than borders

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