Friday, May 29, 2020
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COVID-19: Uganda Confirms 12 New Cases

According to the ministry of health, more 12-truck drivers tested positive of covid-19 disease bringing the total cases to 260.

However, Varying from the usual reports this time round all the confirmed cases Ugandan nationals, this brings the total number of truck drivers cases of COVID-19 to 160.

Meanwhile, 32 drivers were sent back to countries of origin after testing positive of the COVID-19 diseases following president Museveni’s directives.

According to the ministry of health, only Ugandan and south Sudanese truck drivers who test positive of COVID-19 will be treated with in the country whereas others will be sent back to their respective countries as soon as they test positive of COVID-19.

Currently, the global total cases stands at 4,905,839 and those who recovered 1,916,359 with total death of 320,368

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