Friday, May 29, 2020
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President Museveni Easy Lockdown But Under Strict Measures

“We are going to open up but this is tied to masks which will be ready in two weeks” said president Museveni While addressing the nation last evening 18th-May 2020

President Museveni permitted the public transport to start operating after the distribution of the government face masks these include; buses, taxies and the min-buses to start operating provided they carry a half the normal capacity.

“With the opening of public transport, shops all of them are tied to the issue of masks which will be distributed sufficiently until about 2 June” - president Museveni.

On the other hand the boda boda are still not allowed to operate “Boda Bodas and Tuk Tuks will not be allowed to carry passengers for another 21 days” –president Museveni

The restaurants and hotels were allowed to operate but social distancing must be observed, “Curfew remains in place for another 21 days. Restaurants and hotels can open as long as there is social distancing and no air conditioning,” said president Museveni.

While addressing the issue of education institutions, the president permitted only the finalists to resume studies “Education institutions can open for finalist classes. They will be no first term exams the rest of learners will stay home. This will need about two weeks to plan properly for the students’ return. Public transport should be getting ready with masks by that time.” Said president Museveni.

“Bars, night clubs and gyms are still not allowed to open, “Bars, nightclubs, saunas, gyms and salons won’t open for another 21 days” said president Museveni.

“Shops selling general merchandise will open provided they are not in malls, arcades - President Museveni “

Finally, the president asserted that the government would be distributing facemasks to very Ugandan aged six and above


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