Thursday, April 09, 2020
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Salt media scoops another award

During the ceremony organized at the imperial royal Kampala Salt media has been awarded with responsible investment award the companies for creating employment for Ugandans.

The same the president of Uganda was also awarded as peace and development champion. Meanwhile, at the very beginning pr Aloysius Bujjingo of HPMI dedicated the event to God with an opening prayer.

Salt media is the only media house awarded in during the investment awards, and it was appreciated in special way amidst great jubilation. President Museveni was reorganized for peace and development and awarded with various awards. In his speech president Museveni said that the award is not for him but for all Ugandans that work to maintain peace and stability of the nation.

The president also highlighted the Uganda’s economic growth milestone, the president urged the investors to ensure quality and value addition on whatever they produce and to aim at the international market, in this regard he sighted his diary farm which supplies beyond the local market.

Evelyn the investment minister was recognized as the best serving minster among other cabinet ministers. Pastor Bujjingo of HPMI urged Ugandans not to lose hope regardless of the nature of challenges they encounter, in the same way the salt media general manger Charles James Ssenkubuge asserted that this just the beginning the best is yet to come. In this regard he highlighted the various awards that the salt media has been attaining and those that are yet to come because of the quality delivered by salt media, he therefore urged companies to advertise with salt media for the best results




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