Monday, July 06, 2020
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Headmaster Runs To Exile after Stealing PLE Money

The future of P.7 pupils at pride nursery and primary school in Nsambya-Gogonya in Makidye hangs in balance after the headmaster Hassan Mubiru escaped to south Sudan without paying their PLE registration fees.

After waiting for the headmaster Mubiru in vain, the pupils lost hope and realized that that they would not be writing PLE exams this year.

According to Matovu the chairperson of Nsubuga zone, after squandering the pupils examination registration fees, he went head to borrow shs 2 million to compensate the pupils examination fee, however he changed his mind and misused the money.

Meanwhile during the meeting the was flanked by the parents, the OC Gogonya  and leaders, the parents accused the defense official for conniving with the head master , since it was he guaranteed him when he was borrowing the money from the money lenders. In his response the defense official said that he signed on the form like any other person would sign as a guarantor for his friend, but he had no intentions of standing in the was pupils’ registration. The situation aroused mixed feelings among the parents as some of them suggested that the schools should be shutdown while others said that the school should be left to continue running considering the future of the innocent pupils in other classes.

In the someway, the pupils in the other classes detested the school for what the headmaster did to their colleagues and said that the headmaster should be brought to book.

However other teachers and school staff said that the headmaster assured them that the PLE registration had been cleared, they added that Mubiru has so many debts therefore he should be excused.



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