Monday, July 06, 2020
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Police Arrests Bank Robber Gang

The police in Masaka have arrested men alleged to be part of the gang that that attack and rob bank clients. The gang has led to death of 3 people and 4 four were left critically injured.

The arrest of the robbers came about following the incident of the robbers following up the Nyendo town trader and broke into his car robbing up to 10 million shillings.

Meanwhile, during the meeting chaired by the Masaka district RDC Harman Ssentengo, he said that through interrogation the 3 suspects confessed that they are part of the gang that has been committing the atrocities, they also disclosed that they have been using a vehicle model Mark X reg no_UAV 711J pretending to be taxi operators only to rob the unsuspecting passengers.

Ssentongo further said he will be organizing a security meeting for all the Masaka banks in order to brief about how to strengthen security both inside and outside the bank.


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