Wednesday, November 20, 2019
Government Builds Cable Foot Bridge to Improve on Transport Network in Sironko District

Sironko district is one of the districts in Bugisu region with a very poor road network due to its hilly areas. Last month we showed you how residents of Butadiga Sub County were climbing on wooden ladders as a way of transport, but today there was joy and happiness as the state minister of works Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala opened for the residents of Butadinga a new metallic Ladders, called sigwa metallic ladders which are around 160 meters high.

The residents mostly mothers said this will help them a lot to reduce the suffering they have been going through during labour times, while farmers said their goods like tomatoes will no longer be sold cheaply.

Meanwhile, the principal communications officer in the ministry of works Katayike Suzan said the government is devoted to building such more ladders in all the hilly areas of the country.

Mr  Kidasa Stephen the head of crane aluminium and construction company said they faced lots of challenges during the process of making the ladders as rains could always make it hard for them to transport materials and the rock was too hard to nail in. He added on that if well maintained the ladders can take up to 50 years.

The women MP of Sironko district hon.  Namboozo Florence thanked the government and urged the locals not to cut the ladders for sell because it’s going to help the school kids and mothers in the area.

The state minister Gen. Wamala these ladders will go in a long in changing people’s lives in this area and that he felt so sorry and imaged how the pregnant mothers were suffering b4 the ladders. He said it took 300 million but money is not important but the service of the ladders.

He later moved to Mutufu sub-county, Kibembe village still in Sironko has he opened a 150meters cable footbridge, here was welcomed by a traditional dance when addressing the locals in Mutuufu grounds, he said the cables will help in transporting foods to markets for sale. Gen. Katumba also said these two projects will also work as tourist attractions and will earn the locals some money.

He finally called upon the school going pupils to be very disciplined kids and that they should study hard as the future is brighter for them and not be taken up by cheap things.


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