Monday, October 03, 2022
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Commonwealth Parliamentary delegates touring Uganda

Katikiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga welcomed commonwealth delegates who today’s morning toured Buganda kingdom where he briefed them about the kingdom’s history.

By 8:30 am the delegates had already thronged Lubiri (palace) cultural sites. The delegates seemed to be impressed with the sites and cultural items that at some point they chose to purchase artefacts. They were taken through to various traditional elements which included the dressing plus the famous Kiganda dancing styles.
These were also witnessed taking photos at the most historical monuments. Delegates in the commonwealth parliament have been impressed with the various cultural sites in Buganda region.
Among the cultural site included the traditional, armoury which was set by the former president of Uganda Idi Amin Dada that was later transformed into a torture chamber which was created in the 70s. Speaking to salt media the delegates who were from Austria testified that they had read about the then president of Uganda Idi Amin but they had not received the opportunity to see physically his remains. Canadian Senator Salma Tanacha said that she had enjoyed the tour.

In his welcome remarks the Mayiga first brief the delegates about the history of Buganda and its prospects. He has affirmed Buganda’s commitment to advocating for the federal system of governance despite experiencing difficulties to attain it. Among the various centres included Buganda lukiiko where the Katikiro guided the delegates.

Speaking at the same function the leader of this delegation Sarah Nakawunde also praised this tour saying it’s going to uplift Buganda’s tourism sector. Some vowed to promote their countries to invest in Uganda.


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