Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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Entebbe Tycoon Accused of Grabbing Landing site

Entebbe municipality residents and leaders have implicated businessman, Gerald Mutebi as part of the people struggling to take over and develop Kigungu landing site. 

The landing site, which measures approximately two acres, stretches from Kigungu Catholic shrine to Entebbe Girls Secondary school and is home to more than 1000 fishermen.

It is also the main route for people travelling to the neighbouring Buwuvu, Kitobo, Mayanzi and Lyamunyu islands in Wakiso and Kalangala Districts. 

However, Mutebi, a prominent fish and real estate dealer want to evict fishermen to pave way for the construction of a fish handling facility and an ice plant. 

He says that he had already secured clearance from Entebbe municipal council to construct an ice plant in the area. 

Mutebi also says that he obtained a lease for the said land in 2003. According to Mutebi, the plant will only offer jobs to Entebbe resident but will also provide ice blocks to fishermen to preserve their fish catch.  

However, residents led by Entebbe Deputy Mayor, Richard Ssekyondo says the land board in Wakiso and Entebbe municipalities need to establish whether Mutebi was offered any piece of land at Kigungu landing site free of encumbrance as the law suggests

In June this year, Mutebi through his employee, Emmanuel Kisa indicated that there is need to redevelop the landing site to improve safety and environment of Kigungu landing site. 
Currently, the area has a single pit latrine despite the huge population.     

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