Monday, February 24, 2020
Live TV

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Live TV

Senators Charles E. Grassley and Richard J. Durbin joined forces to insist on a prison sentencing overhaul,

a measure backed by President Trump but still facing an uncertain path. Senators Charles E. Grassley and Richard J.

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Church News


1,125 Preachers Attend Meeting At Canaan Land

1125 gospel ministers gathered at Canaan land to attend the gospel ministers’ meeting organized by pr Bujjingo. After introducing the theme, pr Bujjingo assured the gospel ministers that they had...

By Salt Media - Feb.24


Pr Bujjingo Calls All Preachers And Evangelists In Special Meeting

Pr Bujjingo called upon all evangelists and preachers of the gospel in different capacities around the nation to join him in a meeting on Saturday

By Godfrey Tumwebaze - Feb.16


Pr. Bujjingo persists on disputing the marriage vows

Pr. Bujjingo of HPMI said that God has began a new generation in the church and the believers are going to transform this generation, he said this while emphasizing the...

By Godfrey Tumwebaze - Feb.10


Pr Bujjingo Encourages Believers To Apply Prophecy In Their Lives

Pr. Bujjingo of HPMI preached that believers should always declare a word of prophesy upon their lives in faith in order to attain whatever they want in life.

By Owora Gabriel & K. Lawrence - Feb.08


Pr. Bujjingo vows to continue expounding marriage vows

The first Sunday HPMI congregation at Canaan land after the celebration of 9 years of HPMI ministries was urged to avoid unnecessary battles. Pr. Bujjingo said all this during the...

By Godfrey Tumwebaze - Feb.03