Thursday, December 02, 2021
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Lubiri Trade exhibition Flops, Traders Wail Over Losses

Traders participating in the trade exhibition in Mengo palace woke up to a protest over the increased entrance that has limited the number of potential customers.

Despite the fact that the exhibition has been on four days, customers are hardly seen anywhere in the trade exhibition, as results food is poured daily, traders lamented.

Efforts to talk to the organizer went to drainage, the conversion with them yesterday was fruitless and efforts to access to get to them today were futile.

The previous trade fares were flooded with multitudes due to much publicity, which is not the case this time. According to the traders, they hardly have money to buy food & transport fees to take them back home.

The students that usually come in masses were scared away by high entry fee hence leading causing loses to the traders targeting students.

Traders vowed no to give up until entry fee is lowed.

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