Thursday, December 02, 2021
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Fisherman Decry Ministry, As Kesenyi Landing Site Shutdown Over Poor Hygiene

Kasenyi fishermen cry out over the closure of the landing site for 2 weeks now, because of poor hygiene. The distressed fishermen, in order to earn something during the trying period, have resorted to fighting for space with traders.

As a result of Nuhu Njuki the Entebbe municipality RDC passed by the landing site to ascertain the state of the fishermen, to whom they expressed their grievances. The RDC comforted them and pledged to talk to the minister in charge to see that the landing site reopens as soon as possible. Johnbosco Kalunga the landing site chairperson blamed it all on the ministry of fisheries that neglected its responsibility of monitoring and sensitizing the fishermen. In the same way Hajji Abdul Mbabali one of the landing site land landlords blamed it on the recent reshuffle in the ministry of fisheries. He almost banged one of the food vendors over disposing of waste in the wrong place.



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