Saturday, February 27, 2021
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Busia Residents Wail Over Stench Hovering The Entire Town

Vendors operating business close to Sofia border custom market cried out to the health officers of Busia municipal council to deal with stench emanating from stagnant water in the town drainage 

This water drainage near the border custom market, which is the second main market that supplies fruits such as oranges, mangoes, tomatoes among others to Kenya.

Speaking to some of the vendors operating near the market, said that they no longer get customers because of the overmuch stinking drainage.

Some of the hoteliers said that business has been adversely affected as customers no longer coming 

Vendors also said that life is at risk as they vulnerable to dangerous deceased like cholera and diarrhoea

In addition, Vendors said that whenever it rains one could hardly stay in this place since the sewage flows through the roadside kiosks

The logs and waste products dumped in the drainage blocks the drainage, preventing water from flowing.  

The health inspector of the western division said that it is not his work but the work of engineers that poorly constructed the drainage. 

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