Thursday, December 01, 2022
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Mpigi farmers form an association to save coffee

The co-operative has been formed by the Mpigi Town Council with the aim of improving the quality of the coffee so that it can be sold at a reasonable price.

Coffee is one of the most common crops in Buganda where anyone can come to live and support themselves and their family

However, coffee has been facing challenges due to quality deterioration, poor harvesting and storage methods.

They have started with great effort and have managed to build a modern coffee mill and a well-equipped storage facility, according to Mr. Lutaaya, one of the leaders of the association.

Olivia Nankya, who is in charge of cooperative education in Mpigi and Butambala, praised the move.

Teopista Nalwadda, the co- operative's chairman, said that they have bigger goals though they are faced with some challenges.

John Busuulwa, councillor of Kiringente soul county in Mpigi district, gave them a helping hand to complete the construction of the coffee mill,
 thus he vowed to continue to support and develop the kabaka's people without discrimination.

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