Thursday, December 01, 2022
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Parish Development Model Computers Stolen in Butambala

Thieves attacked District headquarters and took several computers.

Work has been disrupted at the Butambala District Headquarters ,and employees left in shocked this morning, when they arrived at their offices with computers on which they were monitoring work stolen.

It is believed that the robbers broke into the house during the weekend, in the afternoon because there is no one there or a security guard.

They started at the Presidential Office building, and broke a window and entered the DISO office, but nothing was taken here as he had moved to another room for a day.

Five computers were stolen from the office of the head of agriculture and parish development model, one computer from the head of roads and buildings, and two computers from the office of the head of education (2) and Rashida Namboowa, District Commissioner.

Namboowa regretted the rampant theft in Butambala and urged the youth to avoid stealing but to work hard to support themselves.

Security officials have appealed for the investigation to be expedited so that the stalled operations at the headquarters can resume.

The residents attributed the theft to the negligence of the District Commissioner ,not providing adequate security at the headquarters when they are well aware that it contains valuables, so they asked the authorities to mitigate the security issue.

Lydia Tumushabe, spokesperson for the police in Mpigi, Butambala and Gomba, said police have launched an investigation into the incident

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