Monday, July 06, 2020
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Cocoa Gardens Submerged In Bundibugyo

Residents of Kibaale cell in Bimara ward Bundibugyo town council are leaving in fear for their lives after landslides swept away their houses and chants of cocoa land.

The residents are all wondering how they are going to sustain their families since they depend on cocoa and it has been taken by the landslides that hit the area in the heavy downpour that lasted for almost two hours yesterday evening.

The chairperson LC1 for Kibaale Village William Kumunjara called upon the Government and Non Governmental organizations to come on board and help.

The Bundibugyo district chairperson Mr Mutegeki Ronald said that it’s not the only Kibaale that was affected in the same way but other areas like Busengerwa, Busaru, Bundikeke.

He said that it has put the business in the district to a standstill because of some of the roads that have been cut off.

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