Monday, April 06, 2020
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Pr. Bujjingo Laughs At The Those Fighting The Ministry

Believers woke up to swarm Canaan land HPMI in masses to attend the Sunday service.

The service was comprised of praying, worship and praising God at Canaan land where great multitudes gathered.

In the same service, believers called upon the almighty God to wipe away their tear and take way the sorrows of life. More to that basing on the pastor’s grace teachings, the believers prayed to God to usher them into his grace.

Amidst the preaching the pastor declared the 14 days of prayer and fasting starting Monday 29 July, and he urged believers to take part in the fasting.

Many received deliverance from bondage through prayers and anointing and a great number accepted the Lord Jesus as their savior.

After pastor Bujjingo preaching the message of Grace that deeply touched the believers who gave him heaps money on Friday, in the same way, the believers did the same during the Sunday service.

The pastor said that once God has bestowed his grace upon you, it does matter how many people turn against you; the Grace of God will keep you advancing. This motivated the masses and they gifted the pastor with heaps of money.

There was great collision amidst the masses as they flocked the podium to gift the pastor as he preached about the grace of God.

Pr. Bujjingo overwhelmed by how people were touched by the message, he sat down and started to praise God.

Eventually the pastor appreciated the believers and scorned all those that work towards the collapse of the ministry.

About the heap of money given to him, the pastor said this would be added to the independence night budget, set to take place on 14 Oct 2019 at Mandela national stadium.

Finally the pastor prayed for the believers that God might bless them and give the desires of their heart.



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