Wednesday, November 20, 2019
Avoid Unnecessary Competition, Pr. Bujjingo Urges Believers

One could hardly find room to move a foot in the incredible overnight gathering hosted at HPMI Canaan pastored by Pr. Aloysius Bujjingo.

In the overnight that was summarizing the 14 days of prayer and fasting, attracted masses even from as far as Kenya.

In the same overnight prayer, 710 believers denied the devil and accepted Jesus Christ as Christ & saviour.

During the miracle-filled overnight, the pastor urged believers to be courageous & relying on the almighty God especially during the trying moments.

He further advised the believers not to let their candles burn out a sign of faith.

On the same occasion, the multitudes were admonished to work without competing with others because they may end up failing.

In the same way, the pastor spoke against the preachers that confuse believer instead of feeding them with a constructive message.

Finally, the pastor prayed for the believers to receive courage to overcome all hazards and merge victorious.


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