Saturday, June 25, 2022
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Multitudes Flock House of Prayer Ministries (HPMI) To Celebrate With Pr. Aloysius Bujjingo

On Sunday morning believers could not wait to get to the HPMI Canaan land to attend the pastor's graduation party as promised by the Pr. Bujjingo.

Dressed in his graduation garment pastor Bujjingo arrived at HPMI amidst shouts of joy and praises to God.

Despite the great downpour, the pastor and other graduates from other institution were not hindered from celebrating their academic achievements.

With dance, many brought their gifts to the pastor congratulating him, the gift-giving session opened by the salt media staff. The HPMI ministers danced their way to the pastor hand him their gift.

Pastors and elders in the church did not hesitate to deliver their gifts to their pastor.

After serving his visitors and ministering the word to the radio and TV audience, the pastor declared the 14 days of fasting starting today Monday 1 July.

All this took place at Canaan land as the pastor was offering thanks to God who enabled him to attain this great achievement.

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