Sunday, November 29, 2020
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Pr. Bujjingo To Graduate This Week From An American University

While addressing the multitudes that attended the Sunday service at HPMI Canaan land Makerere Kikoni, pastor Bujjingo revealed that he is graduating this Friday 28 June. Celebrations sparked off immediately after the pastor declaring the completion of studies. The youths demonstrated their joy through dances and acrobatics.

Pr. Bujjingo noted that he has been studying for three years at united graduate college and seminary an American based university through Kayiwa International University in Uganda.

Visitors have already started to flock in from various nations including his blood sisters who attended the Sunday service at HPMI.

More to that an Israelite a sound engineer flew in to attend the Sunday service at HPMI Canaan land Makerere Kikoni.

In the same service, the pastor together with the congregation jubilated over the Uganda cranes victory against DRC in AFCON, and further sounded more prayers for more national team victory

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