Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Governments have limitations, Its only God with solutions to all problems – Pr. Bujjingo

Pr. Aloysius Bujjingo advised believers to know that the government that has limitations, therefore instead of crying out to the government all the time they should learn to put their trust in God.

As he preached through the night of prayer via salt media platforms, Pastor Bujjingo applauded the government for accepting and licensing the private media to operate and render services to the people.

All leadership comes from God, on this note the pastor warned leaders who miss use their offices, that there is time to for every to give account to the creator. The Pastor has advised the leaders to take care of the people they are leading.

Meanwhile, pr. Bujjingo urged believers to always remain humble even after God has promoted them to higher officers. In the same way he advised them to live up to the status before they lose it.

On the same occasion, he advised all people to appreciate to appreciate God for what he has given them, and the status to which they have been promoted instead of praising themselves.

For those who keep on complaining, the pastor stated that they should desist from such because there are so many people out there who are dying to be in the same status.

Finally, the Pastor said that it is not good to introduce yourself to everyone you come across, rather only to people who are reasonable and in position to help you.


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