Friday, July 03, 2020
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Pr. Bujjingo persists on disputing the marriage vows

Pr. Bujjingo of HPMI said that God has began a new generation in the church and the believers are going to transform this generation, he said this while emphasizing the issue of amending or customizing the marriage vows.

The pastor said it is not a good thing for one to confess that ‘till death do us a part’ because God come to give us life. More to that, the pastor urged believers to stop declaring statements such as ‘in poverty’ and ‘till death’ but instead they should proclaim good thing such as life, houses and so forth.

On the same occasion, pr Bujjingo preached that believers should not lose hope but to focus on the good thing ahead despite those that try to divert them from the cause.

The believers were also cautioned to mind what they confess with there tongue because the tongue is so powerful, whatever it says comes to pass therefore they should use it to declare positive things about themselves.

Finally, pr Bujingo prayed to God to bless the believers and enlarge their territories, in the same way, he scorned mockers because God is about to answer his prayers.


Meanwhile, believers were anointed with the anointing oil to empower them for a prosperous week.

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