Monday, February 24, 2020
Multitudes Flocked Canaan Land to Commemorate The 9 Years Of Ministry

While leading  prayer pr Bujjingo prayed for believers that have supported the HPMI ministry through the 9 years. In the same way, the pastor called upon God to fight with all those that oppose and fight to bring down the HPMI ministry.

Pr Bujjingo expounded to the believers some of the great achievements that HPMI has managed to attain through the 9 years.

Meanwhile, pr Cilia and Simeon Kayiwa also graced the accession, and delivered a congratulatory and inspiring message before the congregation of believers.

Besides, pastor Bujjingo launched a new ministry arm under HPMI known as ‘church girl’ that will cater for girls and spreading the gospel in various areas.

In the same way, pr Bujjingo commended the other HPMI pastor for their contribution towards the ministry. Finally there was cake cutting, which pr Bujjingo served the believers


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