Wednesday, November 20, 2019
Independence Night Will Go On Despite Opposition – Pr Bujjingo

The unusual happened at Canaan land when it rained three 3 times during the overnight prayer although this did not stop the believers from offering passionate praise and worship to the almighty God. Despite the downpour that came in three intervals, the believers continued to sing and dance for the Lord.

129 members gave their life to Jesus Christ and got saved During the overnight prayer at HPMI.

Pr Bujjingo praised and worshipped God through songs for over 2 hours cerebrating the Namboole victory. In the same way,  he urged believers to avoid reaping curses during the time they spend at the sanctuary, he said this implying that no one should attempt to steal another person’s belonging in the church because this would append a curse on them. He further appreciated the masses for the love towards God and added that this overnight service prayer was a sieve and therefore the enemy has been defeated. He further declared that the independence night prayers will go on despite the opposition from those that have already booked Namboole stadium for the first week of October.

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