Thursday, July 09, 2020
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"Stop Calling Yourselves Young", Pr Bujjingo

Youths have been discouraged to say that they are still young even after turning 18 years of age, they have also been urged to desist from stealing and aiming at free things.  

All this was said during the overnight prayer at HPMI that attracted multitudes from various places, in which 454 people accepted Jesus Christ as their saviour. Pr Bujjingo said that many youths have continued to stay with their parents despite having grown up.

On the same occasion, the pastor denounced the youths that neglect their families by leaving all responsibilities to the wives.

Meanwhile, pr Bujjingo appreciated all the believers for the great work of contributing to the building of the pentagon church building. He further commended the believers for standing with him through thick and thin without forsaking him.

Pr Bujjingo scorned all his adversaries that fight against the HPMI and salt media, although all this was established by the hand of God. Meanwhile, the man of God vowed to continue praying for the right hon. Rebecca Kadaga the speaker of the parliament of Uganda.

Regarding the Namboole independence night prayers, pastor Bujjingo affirmed that they are more than ready.

The overnight prayer multitudes expressed great joy over the hand of God that manifested with great power and delivering them from sicknesses.




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