Friday, December 01, 2023
Ugandans urged to Support Local Products

Following the slogan buy Uganda build Uganda BUBU, Ugandans have started to work tirelessly and innovatively to produce products for the local market, among these include pr. Francis Mutaawe of HPMI.

Pr. Mutaawe together with his wife who was standing next to their stall at the exhibition to showcase their lather products from Divine UG, encouraged Ugandans to buy Ugandan products.

The exhibitors put more emphasis on producing lather shoes and training the clients, pr. Mutaawe gave out free shoes to the prospect.

Nanziri Margret the chairperson for Uganda leather allied industries association revealed strategies that would enable the manufacturers to get the best out of it.

Others members that took part in the exhibition elaborated on various pressing issues and revealed that their target is to oust chines similar products from the local market.

Florence Mutaawe urged fellow ladies to engage in the crafts related work to beef up the family income.

Senyondo Benjamin an expert in lather crafts and a lecturer at Kyambogo University said that Uganda still faces difficulty to market these products.

Pr. Mutaawe pointed out a challenge of Ugandans lacking confidence in what they do. In the same way, he urged the student to participate in craft in order to eliminate unemployment. And finally admonished people to put God first in whatever they do.



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