Friday, December 01, 2023
Government Forbids Farmers To Export Sugarcane As Sugar Companies Refuse To Buy

Despite the fact the sugar processing plants have failed to buy sugarcane from out growers, the government has barred the farmers from exporting sugarcane to Kenya. Last week legislators representing constituencies growing sugarcane tabled a complaint before the parliament that the big sugar companies have stopped buying sugarcane from the farmers and as a result, the plantations have started to dry out.

However today the minister trade and commerce Amelia Kyambadde shocked the parliament when she recounted that they having talks with the big sugar companies though they claim they are currently doing maintenance. She further affirmed that the government can permit the export of the row sugarcane because the home factories need raw materials. According to Waira Majegere Kyewalabye the MP Bunya East, the minister should listen to the farmers to understand the how distressed they are over this before making such remarks, since they stuck with sugarcane that has started to dry up. In the same way the president is yet to sign the sugar bill that was previously passed by parliament, however Muyanja Ssenyonga the Mukono MP has urged the government to support the farmers with handouts since the plantations seem useless at the moment “to think wisely on how they can support farmers in difficult items so that they don’t buy the idea of exporting their sugarcane. Meanwhile, I support the idea of farmers selling their produce to earn income,” Hon. Muyanja Ssenyonga recounted. Among the issues contained in the bill, including putting a considerable distance between the big and small factories to ensure sufficient supplies.


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