Friday, December 01, 2023
NOTU officials under fire over NSSF funds

The parliamentary select committee investigating the irregularities in the national social security fund has tasked the national organization of trade unions to respond to allegations of receiving workers' money to fund the organization's activities.

The committee chaired by Mbarara city Mp Mwine interfaced with the officials from NOTU who appeared before the committee as witnesses.
The committee members included Mbamba east Mp Richard Gafabusa presented a letter from the sister organization COFTU which received over 600 million shillings yet is less represented on the NSSF. This fuelled speculation that these received more funds.

However, the officials defended themselves to have only received 80 million shillings through the partnership between the union and NSSF to carry out a sensitization campaign on the saving. The NOTU officials were led by secretary general Richard Bigirwa, NOTU officials have also accused sister organization Uganda beneficiary retirement authority UBRA which secured 6 billion shillings from the fund.
This has prompted the committee chair to task NOTU officials to present a statement regarding all the transactions.

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