Friday, December 01, 2023
President Museveni condemns exploitative nature of city markets committees

The president of Uganda Gen.Yoweri Kaguta museveni while meeting different market stakeholders including us the Kampala ministers has suspended all interim market committees since they have been too exploitative to the vendors in the markets.

He has also directed that no vendor leadership, people should have a direct relation with KCCA staff(market masters).

Vendors should pay for their utilities like water and electricity and each to have a yaka meter and should maintain the principle of one vendor one stall or lock up.

Market bills to return to parliament and review market committees which are exploitative to the vendors

Vendors to continue associating and organize themselves into saccos to benefit from ongoing government programs like Emyooga and PDM.

Kcca to pay for common utilities like water bills in toilets and lights in open spaces and security and also to collect garbage.

Market dues ( Empooza) to be paid at entry and not charged on the vendor in the markets.

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