Friday, December 01, 2023
Livestock Farming:Government Embarks On Promoting Modern Cattle Farming

After foreign countries bored Ugandan meat and milk products due to poor quality, the local government came up with a policy to promote cattle breeding through "artificial insemination to improve the breed.

The program has benefited many farmers in Mpigi, prompting officials from the African Development Bank, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, and the National Agriculture and Rural Development Authority (NAGRC) to visit them to see how they solve problems such as shirah Butungi pointed out. Farmers who have benefited from the program have explained how they have been able to do so. Various farmers have complained to the officials ,problems that want to leave them unemployed. Dr James Ssebwana, Head of Veterinary Services in Mpigi District, has highlighted some of the mistakes made by farmers that cause them losses. Damian Onyema, the head of the African Bank's Agriculture and Livestock Division, gave hope to the farmers ,when he said the bank is ready to send them in.

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