Friday, December 01, 2023
Leaders in Kasese District Thrilled by Government Initiative to Restore Kilembe Mines

Copper is the major mineral mined in Kilembe area as it was before, copper and salt mining industries were the main economic activities in the area until the companies collapsed, though industries have been restored.

Kyabanga Godfrey the Kasese municipality mayor narrated that the Asians and European expulsion from Uganda in 1972 affected the industries as they started being run by novices and finally closed in 1982.

Kyabanga further said that the industry would avail jobs to over 4000 out over 70000 people living in the area.

Mugisha Muhaguzi a former Kilembe mines employee from Kyanzi village Kibulembya division argued that technological advancement will ease the mining work, further explained the conditions under which they operated including being hit & covered by rocks and many others. The old machines, equipment, mining sites and the railway are to be refurbished. Electronic lifters will be installed in the mines to enhance transportation of the copper ores to the processing plants.

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