Thursday, August 22, 2019

The co-founder of DeepMind, the British artificial intelligence company owned by Google's parent Alphabet, has gone on leave from the company.

DeepMind did not say why Mustafa Suleyman was taking time off, but said it was a mutual decision.

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The new technology that could give a further layer of security when using a bank card has been trialled.

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It started life as a novel way to create plastic objects, but 3D printing is rapidly developing into a technology that can make anything from body parts to bread.
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The government is considering giving powers to fine video-sharing apps and websites to the UK's media regulator.

The proposal would see Ofcom able to impose multi-million pound fines if it judges the platforms have failed to prevent youngsters seeing pornography, violence and other harmful material.

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This how you can distinguish between the real eggs and the fake eggs on the market.

With talk that fake eggs are being sold in the country, consumers should look out for certain characteristics to make sure that the eggs they buy are genuine.

When stories of fake eggs first surfaced in the Malaysian market in 2011, the Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) carried out a comparison between the real and fake eggs.

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A newly-released tool that exploits a vulnerability in Facebook’s WhatsApp allows you to "put words in people’s mouths", researchers say.

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The US Justice Department has announced an investigation into leading online platforms, examining whether they are unfairly restricting competition.

The DoJ did not name any firms, but companies such as Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple are likely to be scrutinised in the wide-ranging probe.

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When Bill Herz wants to know how his crops are doing, he launches a drone.

He has nearly a thousand acres of corn and soybeans in LaSalle, eastern Illinois. "My drone has saved me time and energy," he says.

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Globotics is the next wave in the gig economy gone global.

Robots are coming for our jobs, and they won’t stop at the factory floor on their quest to replace us. Richard Baldwin, professor at the Graduate Institute in Geneva, says artificial intelligence can already perform skilled labour tasks at the highest level — the type of work needed not only in our offices and boardrooms, but even hospitals and courtrooms.

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A new way of identifying a common condition that causes the heart to beat irregularly may have been discovered by artificial intelligence.

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