Thursday, August 22, 2019
Residents Cry out To Amelia Kyambadde Over Clean Water Issue

Buyiga landing site residents in Kamengo, Mpigi district cried out due to lack of clean water as the available lakeshore water acts as boats harbouring point and other activities such as motorcycle washing and laundry, therefore residents are in fear of catching diseases.

Besides stepping in the water, many defecate in the lake due to lack of pit latrines.

The situation coerced Amelia Kyambadde the area MP to visit the area flanked by Joab Wabwire the DPC, RDC Rose Byabashaija and many others.

On top of the clean water problem, the area is a lot face with other challenges, which include lack of access to quality education, lack of health facilities, land wrangles and evictions.

While being taken around the only school on the island, the MP got to notice that all school buildings are full of cracks, the rainwater tank lacks ridges and the teachers and students share the few available pit latrines.


The available health Centre III was in good shape though it is allotted drugs of health centre II, which force the doctors to refer patients to other hospitals.

Malaria is a major problem for the residents since they can hardly access mediation.


Amelia Kyambadde vowed that the government will not allow anyone to continue evicting residents from the land. In the same, she pledged that clean water will available with a period of two years.,

She finally directed officials from different district bodies to meet up with resident discuss pressing issues and find a way forward.



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