Friday, July 19, 2019
Uganda Loses Shs2 Trillions In A Dam Deal

Uganda has lost two trillion shillings after the negligence during the signing of contract between ministry of energy and the two Chinese construction companies to construct Karuma and Isimba dam.

The public accounts committee revealed this after discovering that ministry of energy freely gave out the rock to the contractor, which is the main material that was, used f or the construction of the two dams.

Appearing before the public account committee chaired by Budaadiri east MP Nathan Nandala Mafaabi,the  ministry of energy accounting officer  Prisca Bonabantu  who was together with assistant commissioner  Robert Kasande shocked the committee when these told the committee that this clause was not  observed.

This prompted committee members to question the qualifications of the two  senior administrators  in the ministry  for being reluctant  to observe that its rock and steel which are the main component used to the construction of  this dams.

Kwania county MP Tonny Ayo surprised the committee after he noted that part of the rock had been sold to a road construction company.

The committee chairperson Nandala Mafaabi expressed dismay over the loss saying   the funds could construct two modern hospitals that were lost.

During the same interface the committee observed the ministry of fiancé is loosing worker after many of the joining the authorities that were created for better pay. Mafaabi further noted that most of the workers are joining oil companies citing better pay. The committee says this is accost to the ministry as tis supposed to recruit workers plus train them.

This has forced the committee to instruct the energy officials to submit copy of the contracts, which the committee is to study next week.

The committee also observed the ministry inappropriate spending where funds amounting to Shs4 billion were spent to pay arrears above the millions, which was contradicting with public financed act.


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