Sunday, October 13, 2019
Police Uncovers & Seizes Stolen Boda-Boda Disassembling Abodes

After the release of the video clip from private CCTV footage that went viral, in which a boda-boda cyclist was brutally murdered by two criminals at Mengo, the police intensified the operations to curb down the gangs murdering and robbing the cyclists.

Through police operations, various parts of disassembled boda-bodas and number plates have been uncovered.

Luke Oyesigire the Kampala metropolitan police asst. spokesperson has said that they found hammers in the places suspected to be boda-boda criminal abodes.

He further added that a stolen motorcycle was recovered from the robbers however the owner has not yet come to report whether he was hurt or not.

Several motorcycles that were about to be dismantled were recovered from the gangs, Oweyisigire elaborated how the thugs have been dismantling the motorcycles and further asserted that they have charged them with robbery until those who lost relatives come out to accuse them then murder will be filed.

Many who lost their motorcycles came to Katwe Police station & traversed through recovered motorcycles and some recognized their number plates as their motorcycles where dismantled.

The cyclists urged the police to double the efforts and added that increased boda-boda theft and murders result from rampant unemployment among the youth.

The police went further to do another operation at MuganzIrwaza were over 100 dismantled motorcycles were recovered and many that were yet to be disassembled.

In the place, a suspect was arrested to aid the investigation process.

Kaweesi Yuse the area chairperson affirmed that police must have received intelligence from a trusted source, something he greatly supported as he stated that they have had enough of the robberies.


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