Friday, July 19, 2019
A Fight for The Bride, Drama Erupted At The Weeding As The Groom Called Into A Fight With Brother-In-Law To Win The Bride

There was unprecedented drama Naluntuntu Sub County in Kasanda district when the groom was directed to literally battle it out in a fight with the brothers in law in before taking home the bride.

No pastor was invited to officiate this historical wedding, the guests arrived paraded in a queue As maids gave them welcome dances and leading them into the tents at the same time warming up for the fight.

Mugerwa Charles the groom selected a group of energetic men to fight alongside him, and the Nakyanzi Josephine’s brothers warmed up to encounter the in-laws.

Eventually the Mugerwa the groom’s side took the day as they defeated their counterparts on the bride’s side, and finally welcomed into the tents.

In the same, the bride got hold of the microphone and officially introduce the groom whose heart was racing to the family through the public address system first failed to work. After rectifying the problem, Nkyanzi was able to introduce her husband to the Family amidst joyful shouts.

Nakajja Jane the area chairperson revealed what fails most of the marriages and she pointed the following: lack of responsibility among the youths, parents’ failure to prepare children for marriage, and laziness.

Muwumuza Mike Ssuulampya who was the chief guest narrated that the major cause of failed marriages is not giving amply to learn each other before the marriage, as many meets in the market places and they go home and strata family and others meet through phones, which does not allow them to know each other.

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