Saturday, October 19, 2019
Commotion Strolls The City As Residents Protest Over Blocking Namirembe Road

Turmoil erupted in Kampala city as the residents together with local leaders in areas traversed by Namirembe road protested demanding that they must have both sides of the road working.

The road is currently under rehabilitation and in the process of being converted into a pedestrian pathway on one side and car path on the other side, something that residents are opposed to.

The protesting residents removed the barriers that were installed by the KCCA contractors. They complained that business has come to a standstill yet they have dependents.

The councillors said that they are fed of complaints from their subjects who keep on condemning them over receiving bribe at the expense of the community, on this background they decided to join them in the protest as a sign of siding with them.

On the same occasion the councillors appealed to the president to intervene before things worsen, they further stated that such operations tarnish the government name.

Finally the police a arrived at the scene to manage the situation, however by the time they reached road had been unblocked.


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