Friday, July 19, 2019
You Must Dig Trenches, Nansana Leaders Gives 1-Week Ultimatum to Well-Off Residents

Chairman gives a one-week ultimatum to landlords of houses with perimeter walls to dig drainage channels.

Steven Kawesa the Katooke B chairperson in Nabweru division, Nansana municipality, ran out of patience due to increased flooding sprouting from the perimeter wall blocking the drainage channels.

After residents complaining continuously, the chairman and the council carried out an operation targeting the well-off residents with perimeter walls and releases sewage to flow freely in the pathways.

 Though the tenants tried to frustrate the operations, they were able to contact the landlords & urged to rectify the issue.

Amidst the operation, Dr Kagwire Robert the area health officer joined them to emphasize the sanitation in the area.

The leaders warned that if the landlords failed to comply, they would be dealt with according to the laws of the land.

Michael Kigundu the security personal pledged that after this operation, they would launch another one against the criminals.


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